7 Best Plumeria Earrings to Buy in 2022

Religious beliefs, superstitions, rites of passage, spiritual goals, celebration, status symbolism, and merely aesthetic reasons have all been used to justify the wearing of earrings. Earrings have long been seen as a true symbol of womanhood and identity among women. Without a set of lovely earrings, no ensemble is complete. The rapid adoption of earrings among young girls is an excellent example of fashion’s effect.

Why Women Love Plumeria Earrings

Flowers in the springtime aren’t a new fad, but they’ve been around for a reason. They are vibrant, lively, and fun, and we adore them!

Floral earrings complement feminine beauty. Flower jewelry has always been associated with romance and elegance and has been so since the dawn of time.

Plumeria jewelry is in trend these days. It adds pleasant connections to every attire and makes women feel more connected to nature.

Plumeria flower earrings are lovely pieces of jewelry that come in a range of designs, from small rose gold stud earrings carved from pearl to delicate earrings made of precious metals. Many renowned jewelry designers have started incorporating this charming flower in their product range.

To be honest, it is hard to go wrong with these charming colorful flowers. There are so many beautiful floral earrings in the market out there that sometimes, it becomes difficult for you to choose the best. Therefore, in this article, we have compiled a list of reviews of the 7 of the best plumeria earrings.

7 Best Plumeria Earrings to Buy in 2022

Here is a list of the 7 best plumeria earrings that are in our list of some of the floral statement earrings that will WOW everyone and showcase your personal style.

1. Sterling Silver Plumeria Flower Stud Earrings with Simulated Blue Opal

  • Brand – Honolulu Jewelry Company
  • Metal – Sterling Silver
  • Material – Metal, Resin
  • Gem Type – Blue -opal
  • Height – 2 mm
  • Width – 9 mm
  • Length – 9 mm
  • Total metal weight – 1 g

The beautiful simulated blue opal plumeria earrings come in two sizes; 7.00 mm and 9.00 mm. the smaller size is perfect for young girls, whereas, the bigger one is good for you if you like ear studs.

These plumeria earrings are flat and lightweight. If you like to wear earrings at home or casually, these are your answer. They give you a perfect look when you wear them for day-to-day use such as for work or everyday gatherings and meetings.

Sterling silver plumeria flower stud earrings are flat though. If you are someone who likes to wear raised studs, these might not be the right ones for you.

Shipping is on time and these little pretty plumeria studs come in a cute little box, hence, perfect as a gift.



2. Sterling Silver Plumeria Hook Earrings with CZs, 12mm

  • Brand – Honolulu Jewelry Company
  • Metal – Sterling Silver
  • Material – Metal, Resin
  • Gem Type – Cubic Zirconia
  • Size – 12 mm

These beautiful silver plumeria earrings with zirconia come with lots of love from the islands of Hawaii. Beautiful cubic zirconia in the center of the flowers has everything that adds a spark to the earrings.

If you like earrings that are light to ears, these sterling silver plumeria hook earrings are perfect for you. Each petal of the flower has a meaningful depth to it and it seems that every petal is crafted delicately with lots of care.

These earrings are not much large as the size of 12mm is already mentioned. Therefore, if you like longer earrings, these are not for you. However, if you love flowers, you just can’t ignore these stunning silver earrings with nice plumeria flowers.

They come in a nice little box and you can get them as a gift for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions. Young girls would love to wear these sparkling earrings in get-togethers, school functions, and other occasions.

These plumeria earrings are bright, exquisite, beautifully crafted, and cost-effective.



3. Fine 10k Yellow Gold Hawaiian Plumeria Flower Stud Earrings

  • Brand – Flower Collection
  • Metal – Yellow Gold
  • Material – Yellow¬† Gold
  • Width – 9.65 mm or 0.38 inches
  • Total Metal Weight – 1 g

These golden beautiful plumeria flower studs are not only stunning but a fine piece showing the heights of craftsmanship. These sparkling pushback drop earrings are made up of pure solid yellow gold that makes them even more precious along with their charms.

Gift a pair of these astonishing golden earrings to someone you want to tell how precious they are for you. These plumeria studs are a symbol of grace, charm, beauty, and a new start. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, farewells, and other occasions, get these earrings at a reasonable price. They are made within the USA and you don’t have to worry about their quality.

The 9 mm size of these studs made them not to so big, therefore, perfect for women who don’t like to wear large and heavy earrings. Even if you are someone who always wears large earrings, these beauties are good to try as a change. You gonna love them!



4. Sterling Silver 925 Hawaiian plumeria flower cz post stud earrings 10mm

  • Brand – Arthur’s Jewelry
  • Metal – Sterling Silver
  • Material – Stone, Cubic Zirconia
  • Gem Type – Cubic Zirconia
  • Flower Size – 10mm
  • Weight – Approx 1.4 g

These sterling silver plumeria flower studs are beautiful, elegant, and made up of the finest quality material. At a reasonable price, these pretty studs are wonderful as a gift for young girls and even to adults who love to try floral and trendy jewelry.

Wearing these stunning plumeria earrings, no one can help but compliment you. The color of the flowers makes them perfect to go right with almost all outfits. Pair them with a silver floral necklace or wear them without any necklace at all. They look beautiful both ways.

They come in a beautiful little box that you can use to gift to anyone as it is. The little Cubic Zirconia in the middle of each flower adds a shine to them that is reflected in your personality as well when you wear them.

These earrings are not too big, so if you are a fan of big earrings, they might not be for you. However, if there is an occasion coming, you wouldn’t find anything better as a gift than these studs for a young girl.



5. Sterling Silver Synthetic Blue Opal Plumeria Starfish Stud Earrings

  • Brand – Hawaiian Silver Jewelry
  • Metal – Silver
  • Material – Created Opal
  • Gem Type – Created Opal
  • Height – 12 mm
  • Width – 12 mm

If you like a little bigger studs, these are for you. These sterling silver synthetic plumeria starfish earrings come in aqua color. Coming from Hawaii, these studs are Rhodium plated for a superior and fine finish.

The aqua color of the petals in between the silver outline enhances the beauty and calmness of the earrings. Plumeria flowers are a sign of love and a new beginning, and this is exactly what you’ll feel when you look at them.

The price is reasonable and you get these good-quality and beautiful studs with a nice pouch and black box. Perfect to gift to girls and women on any occasion including Valentine’s Day and on promotions.



6. Solid 14k Gold Two-tone Fancy Plumeria Dangle Earrings (7mm x 24mm)

  • Brand – Sonia Jewels
  • Metal – White and Yellow Gold
  • Material – Gold
  • Item Length – 23.87 mm

These aesthetic earrings come with authentic 14K two-tone gold with pinkish beautiful plumeria flowers. Two-tone fancy plumeria dangle earrings are one of the best options for women who love flowers and medium-length earrings.

The earrings go well with formal and semi-formal outfits. From official meetups to weddings, and from high-end dinner parties to family get-togethers, you can wear them anywhere. These plumeria flower earrings will add grace and elegance to your personality making it more than ever charming.

You can gift these staggering earrings to your wife or girlfriend on your anniversary, birthday, and on Valentine’s day. These high-end plumeria earrings come in a cute box.



7. 14k Gold Tri-Color Plated Sterling Silver Plumeria CZ Stud Earrings

  • Brand – Honolulu Jewelry Company
  • Metal – Silver
  • Material – Metal, Gemstone
  • Gem Type – Cubic Zirconia
  • Height – 2 mm
  • Width – 12 mm
  • Length – 11 mm
  • Total metal weight – 1 g

The perfect size of these pretty plumeria earrings gives them an edge over many other floral studs. They are nicely crafted, beautifully set, and adorably cute.

The three colors on the petals of these plumeria flowers make them unique and suitable to wear with a wide range of outfits. The cubic zirconia in the middle of the petals gives an additional spark to these beautiful floral studs.

You can carry them nicely with formal, semi-formal, and even with casual dresses. Going to a party in the evening or at a brunch on the weekend, wear them; they look beautiful.

If you are looking for a gorgeous plumeria stud at a reasonable price with high-quality material,  these 14k Gold Tri-Color Plated Sterling Silver Plumeria CZ Stud Earrings are a perfect choice.


The Last Words

Flowers are among nature’s most delicate pleasures, so it’s no surprise that jewelry designers have long sought to reflect their transitory beauty in jewelry. Plumeria flower earrings make wonderful gifts that express your undying love and affection for the people you care about.

We have carefully selected the 7 best plumeria flower earrings and reviewed them for you so you can easily find the one that suits your taste, requirements, and budget. Get these beautiful ear jewelry for yourself or gift them to other women who you want to see inspired and empowered. Happy shopping!


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