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What are Plumeria?
    Plumeria is a tropical flowering tree named after Charles Plumier.
    They are also the main source for Hawaiian Leis.

Are Plumeria cold hardy?
    No.  Protect Plumeria below 40 Deg

How are they propagated?
    Plumeria can be propagated by seeds or cuttings.

What are "cuttings"?
    A cutting is a pruned plumeria branch that will be planted, rooted
    and grown as a new plant.  (cutting size is usually 12 to 18 inches)

When is the best time to start cuttings & seeds?
    Spring, but only after the last frost in your area.

How much sun do Plumeria need?
    For best results, Plumeria need at least 6 hours of direct sun.
    They will grow in less sun, but usually don't flower as well.

Can I grow Plumeria indoors?
   Generally No.  If one uses grow lights indoors, yes, but without Grow lights
    you will be very disappointed. Plumerias are an outside plant.

How long does it take new cuttings to bloom?
    Usually 1 to 3 growing seasons.  There are lots of variables, sun, water, fertilizer etc.

How should I water my Plumeria?
    You should water as needed, which in the winter is not much and in the
    summer can be twice a day.  When in doubt keep your plumeria on the dry side.

What type of fertilizer should I use?
    One with a high (P) Phosphorus content like "Peters Super Blossom Booster" (10-50-10).
    Phosphorus is the middle # in the fertilizer analysis.

How often should I fertilize?
    At least every 2 weeks during the growing season
    and NONE during the Fall and Winter.

Why is my new cutting soft and squishy?
    This is called "Stem Rot" or "Black Leg" it is caused by a fungus and
    accelerated soggy soil. You can treat with a fungicide and it might come back,
    but cuttings with Stem Rot usually die.
    (This is why a light Perlite soil mix is a must for new cuttings)

Why is my Plumeria just a stick, where are the branches?
    Plumeria only grow from the terminal growth tip, and do not force out
    new branches below the growth tip.  This is why a high Phosphorus fertilizer
    is so important, because when a plumeria blooms, it branches. And if you don't
    fertilize it won't bloom and if it doesn't bloom you have just a stick.

Why won't my 3 year old Plumeria Bloom?
    A three year old Plumeria should bloom.  Move it into more direct sunlight and
    and fertilize with a "high Phosphorus" fertilizer (Frequently).
    Water whenever it needs it, not on a weekly or any other schedule.