Spider mites
( Tetranynchus urticae  Koch  )

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Spider mites
Underside of Plumeria Leaf

Spider mites
Underside of Plumeria Leaf

Spider mites are tiny spiders that may or may not form fine webs on the leaf undersides and branch tips.  They suck plant sap causing pale, speckled, and yellowish leaves.  If left unchecked spider mites will damage and stunt plumeria growth.

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How to Control Spiter mites

Note:  Spider mites thrive in warm, dry, and still areas.
           The use of fans strongly discourages spider mites.

1.  Keep the growing area clean and free of fallen leaves.
(Keep the Greenhouse area as clean as possible)

2.  Carefully remove and place badly infected leaves into trash bags.

3.  Blast all existing leaves clean with a water hose.

4.  Move plants into a more open and sunny area.

5.  Improve the air circulation in greenhouse area, and as weather permits remove plants, and blast them clean and free of all mealybugs and mites.

6. Insecticides :  Bug-B-Gon insect killer or comparable spray product.
Bug-B-Gon Multi-Purpose Garden Dust or comparable dusting product.
*** repeated treatments are needed to gain control ***

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