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This plant index gallery will be constantly updated, with better quality photos until I am satisfied the variety is well represented.  The flower back and /or the leaves are shown if it seemed necessary in the identification.  No photos were altered to change any colors etc.  What you see is what you get.  If the colors were slightly off, it was noted on the page.

  *** UPDATED  4/24/2002  added photos to 'Pudica' & 'Gulf Steam' & 'Kauka Wilder'

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'Ammaron's Curly White'
'Aztec Gold'
'Bali Whirl'
'Bill Moragne'
'Candy Stripe'
'Cindy Moragne'
'Courtade Gold'
'Daisy Wilcox'
'Dean Conklin'
'Donald Angus'
'Dwarf Pink'
'Edi Moragne'
'Gloria Schmidt'
'Grove Farm'
'Guillot's Sunset'
'Gulf Stream'
'Intense Rainbow'
'Irma Bryant'
'Japanese Lantern'
'J.L. Pink Pansy'
'Kaneohe Sunburst'
'Kauka Wilder'
'King Kalakaua'
'Madame Poni'
'Nebel's Rainbow'
'Paul Weissich'
'Puu Kahea'
'Rose Red'
'Samoan Fluff'
'Slaughter Pink'
'Tillie Hughes'
'White Shell'

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