1)  To actively grow Plumeria in a greenhouse you must keep the
    temperature above 60 Degrees.

2)  Keep the greenhouse environment as clean and sanitary as possible.

3)  Vent greenhouse any day that the outside Temperature is above 55 Degs.
      A closed greenhouse on a sunny day can hit 120 Degrees.

4)  Use fans to circulate and vent the greenhouse.

5)  Use electric heaters, but keep a propane heater for emergency
    power outages. If you get snow and ice...outages will happen.

6)  Use Spot-Gro bulbs and or Gro-lux Florescent bulbs for improved growth.
      Uses the lamps at least 20 hours a day.

7)  Place a 5 Gallon bucket of water in the green house to combat the drying
     of air caused by the heaters.

8)  Inspect the the plants and greenhouse daily.

9)  Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature.

10) Use "yellow sticky traps" to monitor and control white flies.

11)  Use Ortho "Bug-B-Gon" to control Spider Mites.

12)  Use Fungicides to control Black Spot, Black Tip, and Rust.
       When you spray treat everything, plants, benches, and walls.