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    When fertilizing Plumeria you should use a high Phosphate fertilizer (middle number), like Peters "Super Blossom Booster 10-50-10".  If you use a fertilizer high in Nitrogen then you will make a healthy but tall and leggy plumeria.  Plumeria in general only branch when they bloom, therefore you must use a fertilizer that will promote the most blooms. Which in turn makes the most branches. If you find a Plumeria full of branches, then you'll know it's been a good bloomer.

    What brand should you use? I will recommend PETERS "Super Blossom Booster".  Super Bloom and others are fine, but Peters 10-50-10 is loaded with Micronutrients.  Micronutrients is all the smaller nutrients that plants need like Iron, Manganese, zinc etc. Micronutrients are heavily needed in container (potted) plants, because huge amounts of nutrients are leached out during daily waterings.

 ( Summery )

Blooms = Branches  &  Branches = More Blooms

Use a high Phosphate fertilizer
at least every 2 weeks during the growing season.

Michael Anders 10/2000

List of Great Plumeria Fertilizers...

Peter "Super Blossom Booster" 10-50-10

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Schultz Expert Gardener "Bloom Plus" 10-60-10

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GreenLight "Super Bloom" 12-55-6

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Carl Pool's "BR-61" 9-58-8

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Miracle-Gro "Bloom Booster" 10-52-10

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Great Liquid Fertilizer !!!
PETERS "Super Blossom Booster".
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Great Granular Fertilizer !!!
STA-GREEN "Bloom Start".
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